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Unplug your laptop to be more productive

For those who suffer from time management, procrastination, and work-life balance, I have a trick I use. 
I didn’t create this so I can’t take credit. 
Many of us use a laptop to work. I have a Chromebook, a MacBook Pro, and a desktop that I work on. 
For those who use laptops, here is the trick! When you go to bed at night, plug it in to get a full charge. When you work the next day, DO NOT plug it back in. Work as hard as you can during with the power you have available. 
When the battery gets too low to work anymore, stop, take a break, and then charge it back up. DO NOT work with the laptop charging. 
With limited battery, I find I can’t do things such as check emails or get on social media (Facebook). 
When it is charging , that’s when I take a break. I eat a snack, watch a little TV, go the gym, go through my mail, play with my cats, etc. 
If you are working on a desktop, that is constantly charged, set a timer. When the timer goes off you have to get up and do the same thing. 
Laptop batteries last about 3-4 hours and thus the timer should be reflective of that. 
Do you have any strategies to help you become more productive?