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Not all professors support their students

Inspirations for doctoral students. I post inspirations on my Facebook page. Here is an example.

When I was completing my bachelor’s degree I had a professor write on one of my papers, “I do not see how UGA is giving you a degree.” I was close to finishing a degree and I was pissed. I didn’t say anything to her because I needed her to pass me so I could get that degree.
I did finish, completed a masters and was starting my PhD. That nasty female professor (way to support women!) was still at UGA. I sent her an email and wrote about what she did and told her that I was about to start my PhD.
I don’t remember the details of the response but it was something just as nasty. I realized she was a mean, unhappy, nasty human being.
You will find that there are some people you cross paths with during your program that have no interest in seeing you succeed and may in fact be focused on tearing you down. Get what you need from them and move on. Don’t waste time trying to understand them or change their minds.