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About The Resourceful Professor​

I want to give you some information about myself.  I was raised in the suburbs of Augusta, GA (home of the Masters Golf Tournament).  I graduated with a BS in Cellular Biology from the University of Georgia, a MS in Management with a concentration in Health Care Management from Troy University, and a PhD in Health Services Administration and Strategic Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  I have been involved in research since obtaining my BS where I worked in pharmacology, neurobiology, and health services research.  In my dissertation, I studied the organizational characteristics of primary care services for the homeless.  I have been teaching since obtaining my master’s degree and have taught health care management courses including statics, ethics, management, health care environment, policy, economics, and finance.  I have also taught in k-12 as a middle and high school science, math, and special education teacher.  Outside of health care management, I have taught human resources, medical terminology, and anatomy and physiology. 


Outside of health care I have worked in retail, restaurants, education, and transportation.  In the transportation industry I was flight attendant. I obtained a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in college and currently still hold my license.  My friends are always impressed by my parallel parking skills (if you can parallel park a 40-foot bus, you can parallel park a car, easily).  I have worked in a variety of retail and restaurants since I was a teenager.  My family owned and sold a small restaurant that I helped to grow and manage.  


I have five furbabies Sophie, Hannah, Nico, Ka’iulani, and Georgiana. One furbaby, Nala, who will always be with us. 


I love to travel and have been to Europe, Canada, Mexico, and to numerous states across the US.  I love to bake and have been doing so since I was a teenager.  I bake a delicious cream cheese pound cake.  I am also a lover of the arts and can paint (I have had my work auctioned for charity), sing, and play the piano.


I recently left academia after 15 years and excited to work in the private sector and also to become an entrepreneur.