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    About the practice interview process

    Congratulations! You have gotten this far!  You submitted your CV and cover letter and now you are asked to do an interview.  

    The most common first step in the interview process is a telephone or virtual interview before an in-person interview.  With COVID-19, you may not have an in-person interview. 

    Now more than ever, it is important that your first interview allows you to set yourself apart from the competition.

    The practice interview can be designed to best fit your needs whether it is the first or second interview or your teaching or research demonstration, the perfect job is just waiting around the corner.  

    I’m here to help.


    Steps in Completing the Practice Interview

    After signing up for the service

    1. I will send you a message asking for a PDF of a job you would be interested in interviewing for (or a job you are interviewing for).  You will need to include your current CV and a cover letter. 
    2. Next, we schedule a convenient time to meet via Zoom for a 60 minute practice interview. 30 minutes will be a mock interview.  30 minutes is reserved for feedback and to answer your questions.  
    3. A post-interview report will be provide with additional feedback and references and a recording of the interview. 
    4. A second 60 minute will be scheduled a convenient time to meet via Zoom for another 30 minute mock interview and 30 minutes feedback.

    What my clients say

    It had been too long since I had interviewed because I was a stay at home mom. I was extremely nervous The tips and strategies provided by Dr. Steward helped me become more confident
    Lily Ankame
    I had bombed every interview I had. I was desperate. Dr. Steward not only showed me what I was doing wrong, but provided me with the tips I needed to get to the next step - A full-time assistant professor tenure-track position.
    Robert Kauffmann
    I was going in for my dream job and I knew the competition was fierce. Dr. Steward's guidance allowed me to put my best foot forward. I left the interview confident.
    Griffin Freeman
    With the world shut-down, I knew that I needed to brush up on my virtual interviewing skills. I hadn't been on the market in over a decade and didn't know what to do Dr. Steward guided me through the process and what to expect.
    Lucy Graham