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I found that the reason for individuals not completing a graduate degree most often wasn’t due to lack of motivation or lack of intelligence, it was because life got in the way and there wasn’t enough support to help people overcome the many issues my classmates and I suffered through.  This can include financial and health problems; marriage and divorce; and a general sense of being lost.

As I start to grow my business, I wanted an opportunity to start helping people.  Check out the information below for more information.

The Resourceful Professor focuses on the following: 

  • Helping potential all graduate students choose the program that best fits their needs
  • Helping current graduate students succeed in their programs
  • Helping graduating students in obtaining a position inside or outside academia
  • Mentoring adjunct, lecturers, and professors who are currently in academia
The Resourceful Professor

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    Where are you in your PhD progress?

    40 strategies for academic writing success

    Group is designed to support those starting or completing a doctorate program.

    Get tips, share experiences, and be involved in a community of your peers. 


    Read my blog that includes tips and strategies and reflections when I was a PhD student

    Do you require a little more help?  Learn about the coaching and mentoring services offered by The Resourceful Professor. 

    For future students

    Are you interested in a graduate degree but are overwhelmed by the vast information available.  Do you want to make the right decision for your future career? 

    Let The Resourceful Professor assist you in determining the correct field of study and university to attend that best fits your individual needs. 

    For current students

    Obtaining a masters, doctorate, or professional degree is a tremendously stressful process.  You may be working full-time or part-time.  You may have other family obligations.  You may be struggling with financial and  health issues.  

    Let me tell you that you are not alone.  I struggled with many of the same issues that plague students.  My goal is to help you navigate around barriers that are prohibiting your success. 

    Let’s explore ways to overcome obstacles so that you can earn your degree. 

    For those on the job market

    Being on the job market is an exhausting journey.  Some individuals are looking for adjunct or part-time opportunities, both online and in traditional classroom settings.  Some are entering the job market for their first academic career.  Others are not interested in or deciding to leave academia.  

    Knowing how to best approach the job market can be very stressful.  Let The Resourceful Professor help you to understand how to better prepare yourself for the academic and non-academic job market. 

    For current faculty

    Being a professor as a college or university is a tremendously rewarding career.  But, it can also involve numerous challenges.  How do you balance your new life with tenure requirements?  Do you feel isolated as a junior faculty?  Are you struggling with the high demands of being an adjunct faculty?  

    Let me help you on your journey. 

    I have taught (not only in K-12) but in career colleges, technical, 2-year, 4-year, private, public, for-profit, not-for-profit schools.  I have also taught undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students.  I understand the struggles.  I have a lecturer, adjunct, and on tenure and non-tenure track positions. 

    My goal is to assist you in having a successful career.  Too often, faculty are left without peers to connect to and mentors that can provide advice.  Let The Resourceful Professor assist and guide you through this exciting, yet challenging journey. 

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