Coaching and Mentoring

Do you still struggle with the things you need? Consider one-on-one coaching with the Resourceful Professor

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These are packages that consist of multiple, 1-hour one-on-one session with me via Zoom.

What do you get?  We will discuss any needs you have.  We can discuss social issues and family issues, financial, student loans, applications, preparing for comps, discussing dissertations, interviewing, CV preparation, academic issues,  etc.

What are the specifications? You and I talk online via Zoom and discuss anything you like. I then provide guidance and strategies to help you.  My coaching and mentoring is confined to the call and does not entail items such as revisions or editing of papers, statistical or qualitative analysis, or CV creation.  But, if you have something already, we can look at them during the meeting.

Are the packages non-refundable?    I do strive to achieve 100% satisfaction and I will work with you to determine your needs.  I do offer a 30-day money back guarantee is you aren’t satisfied

Do I have to use them all at once?  No, if you purchase 4 hours, you may use it over 4 weeks or 8 months, it is your choice.  

I’m sold, how do I get started? Decide on the package you would like to purchase.  Schedule a free 30-minute consultation online meeting with me (You still get the FREE session with me as always).  Depending on your needs, 30 minutes might be all you need.  If you are ready to move forward, you will reach back out to me and purchase the package.  



2 hours of coaching or mentoring
$ 150
  • Two, 1-hour coaching or mentoring sessions via Zoom
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A little more

4 hours of coaching or mentoring
$ 300
  • Four, 1-hour coaching or mentoring sessions via Zoom


6 hours of coaching or mentoring
$ 400
  • Six, 1-hour coaching or mentoring sessions via Zoom
Best value

About Coaching and Mentoring

I offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring services for future and current students, individuals on the job market, and faculty. 

What are some common things I help others with? 

  • Are you interested in a doctorate program but have questions that are left unanswered?
  • Have you begun to question whether you should finish your doctorate degree? 
  • Are you considering leaving higher education? 
  • Do you feel overall dissatisfaction with the way your career is going and need a new direction? 
  • Are you on the job market and need help preparing?

Contact me to arrange a no obligation 30-minute call to see if one-on-one coaching or mentoring is right for you

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    Where are you in your PhD progress?

    As a coach or mentor you can expect (depending to on your needs) to receive

    • Support to ensure motivation and mange challenges (academic and non-academic) 
    • Succeed as completing short-term and long-term projects 
    • Adequately prepare for your career
    • Identify and circumvent challenges and behaviors that interfere with motivation and productivity
    • Help you make decisions based on a holistic view of your current situation and future needs
    • Provides accountability to help you stay on track
    • Help to overcome internal and external challenges
    • Decide on topics for research papers, journals, dissertations, and conferences
    • Individualized strategies for success
    • Help in redirecting the journey when you feel lost
    • Strategies to help when working with difficult students, peers, and advisers
    • Tailored methods to overcome blocks and barriers to research and writing
    • Answers to questions regarding completing and finishing a doctorate and being a faculty
    • Assistance in finding the job that is meant for you
    • Overcoming rejections from schools, employers, and publishers
    • Change your CV to a resume or a resume to a CV
    • Strategies to minimize stress, frustration, and anxiety
    • Reignite your fire for your research, studies, or career
    Considering a doctorate program

    You will receive a questionnaire asking about what you are looking for in a doctorate program. I then develop a comprehensive plan of action to start the process to apply to the doctorate program that is perfect for you.

    Currently a doctorate student

    You will receive a questionnaire that is used to determine what is hindering your success.  I develop a plan of action to navigate those obstacles so that you progress through your studies and become a DR.

    On the job market

    You will receive a questionnaire asking about what you are looking for in an academic or non-academic career.  I then develop an individualized plan that prepares you for the job market.

    Faculty mentoring

    You will receive a question asking about your needs.  I then develop a method to provide mentoring for you to be successful.